Financial Aid

We believe that everyone should be able to participate in our programs, no matter their financial situation.  We strive to keep our programs affordable, but recognize that some may need additional support to access our programs.  Our scholarships are based solely on financial need and only complete applications will be considered.

Applying for a scholarship or receiving a scholarship in the past does not guarantee that additional scholarships will be awarded.  We strongly encourage participants to pay as much as they are able so that scholarships can be available to others throughout the year.

You will be informed of your application status after the scholarship deadline, which are June 15th or December 15th (depending on the season).  You are welcome to apply for a scholarship after the deadline.  Please note that those who apply prior to the deadline will be considered first.


Scholarship Policies

  1. All Participant Registration paperwork and waivers must be submitted prior to consideration.
  2. Each participant, or the participant’s parent or guardian, is responsible for communicating, in a timely manner, with DREAM in the event they cannot participate in a scheduled lesson or program for any reason.
  3. If the participant is a No Call / No Show for two (2) scheduled lessons or programs, their Scholarship will be revoked, and any future scheduled lessons or programs may be canceled.

If any of the items listed above are not completed or followed, you may no longer be eligible for a scholarship through DREAM.

To apply for a scholarship:
  1. Please complete all program-specific registration steps, that can be found on each program page.
  2. When in your online account, choose “Scholarship Form – Summer” from the drop-down menu on the right side of the page that asks “What would you like to do?”  Complete all fields and hit submit!
  3. Once received, our team will review the information provided and contact you with a decision as soon as possible.

Note that all information provided in this application will remain confidential.  It is the policy of DREAM to maintain a non-discriminatory scholarship application process.  DREAM does not make scholarship decisions based upon age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran status.

Please contact our office at 406-862-1817 or if you have questions about scholarship possibilities.

When you apply for a general financial aid scholarship, you may be considered as a recipient of one of our Memorial Scholarships (see below).

Memorial Scholarships

Joe Brenneman Memorial Scholarship

Annual seven-week scholarship given to a winter ski / snowboard athlete.

Joe was a long-time volunteer with DREAM’s Adaptive Ski Program and an incredible community servant.  He sat on many boards: CHS, City/County Planning, AERO, Flathead County Commissioner, Habitat for Humanity, Western Dairy, Kalispell School District, Flathead Basin Commission, Rotary, Montana State Fund and the ImagineIF Library Foundation.  He was a first responder for Creston Fire and an EMT on the Blacktail Ski Patrol.  Joe loved outdoor adventures and we are honored to offer a scholarship in his memory.

Gawronski Family Memorial Scholarship

An annual seven-week ski or snowboard scholarship in memory of Frank & Ryan Gawronski.  Two men who lived for helping others.  Frank was a special education teacher for over 30 years and often took his students camping, fishing and on other activities in the great outdoors.

Ben Hollingsworth Memorial Scholarship

An annual seven-week snowboard scholarship for a local individual.

A Whitefish local has set up a wonderful scholarship fund in memory of her nephew, Ben, who passed away from a wakeboarding accident.  Ben was a very accomplished mountain biker, skier, and snowboarder. From an early age, Ben developed his skills and love of outdoor recreation by building his own practice jumps in his back yard. He was also deaf.

Ben attended The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, MA from the age of six months through elementary school. He completed high school at Dover-Sherborn High School in Dover MA. He was in his fourth year at the Rochester Institute of Technology and was deeply involved in community service projects at the time of his passing.

To honor Ben’s life, Ben’s relative wishes to offer an annual snowboard scholarship to a Dream Adaptive Recreation athlete to enable him or her to participate in the Alpine winter program at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Preference is given to applicants with a hearing impairment or those that are totally deaf but is not restricted to that requirement.

Jane Lopp Memorial Scholarship, Founder

Scholarships provided to those needing financial support to access DREAM’s programs.  Jane was a force of nature, who was genuinely interested in the lives, relationships, goals and concerns of every person she met. She was a fierce advocate for justice, for her community, her clients and her family. She tirelessly fought for women’s rights and was an important figure in the Equal Rights movement at the local, state and national levels.  An outstanding athlete, Jane was one of the first women at Flathead High School to letter in track, was a terrific softball and basketball player and loved the outdoors.  Jane was discovered to have a rare form of muscular dystrophy in her thirties and yet never let it slow her down or limit her activities.  Preference is given to female applicants to encourage more females in sport!