General Information

We offer adaptive lessons and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities, ages 5+.  Our programs provide people of all abilities the opportunity to experience the great outdoors without limitations.  It’s our hope that through these experiences our participants build confidence, create new relationships, and gain independence, skills we hope will impact other areas of their lives.

Most DREAM participants live in or near the Flathead Valley, however we enjoy working with those visiting from out of town as well.  Additionally, we are proud to provide our programs free of charge to service members and military veterans with a disability.

Locations:  We operate our winter programs at Whitefish Mountain Resort.  Our summer opportunties are primarily based on bodies of water and trails in the Flathead Valley.  However, each year we partner with other adaptive sports non-profits in the northwest to expand our reach through special programming.  

Cost to Participate:  Each program varies.  Financial aid scholarships are available.

Guidelines for Participation / Essential Eligibility Criteria

  • Have a permanent disability.
  • Be age 5 or older.
  • Identify seizures within the past year;  based on the nature of the activity and a review of the physician statement and medical history, DREAM Adaptive may adopt appropriate program procedures to allow or preclude program participation.
  • Understand that they are participating with DREAM Adaptive.
  • Be able to actively participate & engage appropriately in the lesson. Harassment or abusive behavior towards others, for any reason, is not tolerated.
  • Be able to follow instructions and effectively communicate independently or with assistance of a companion.
  • Be able to wear all protective equipment required for the activity.
  • Manage personal care independently or with assistance of a companion.
  • Participants may not participate in the program if we have reason to believe that they would put another participant, volunteer, or staff member at risk.
  • If the student is a minor or if they have a guardian/caregiver, the guardian/caregiver must be accessible to program staff while the student is participating in the program.
  • Be able to breathe independently, not require medical devices to sustain breathing.
  • Less than 200 pounds if using sit-down ski equipment.
  • Stand-up skiers & snowboarders (whether independent, on a slider, or on a tether) must be able to assist themselves in getting up from the snow.
  • Be able to hold head upright without head/neck support.
  • Be able to maintain closed mouth/lips while under water.
  • Be able to turn from face down to face up independently in water, while wearing a properly fitted life vest.
  • Have the ability to remain seated and balanced in a boat (with or without adaptive equipment).
  • Be able to reenter a capsized boat independently or with the assistance of others.
  • Successfully execute a wet exit independently for any advanced paddle trips.

Summer Programs

  • Paddle Program (kayaking & paddle boarding)
  • Water Sports Program (sit water skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, etc.)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Military Programs

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Winter Programs

  • Alpine Ski & Snowboard Lessons at Whitefish Mountain Resort
  • Backcountry Powder Camp with Great Northern Powder Guides
  • Nordic/Cross Country Skiing
  • Military Programs

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