Nordic / Cross-Country Ski Program

The Nordic Ski Program operates through a cooperative agreement with Glacier Nordic Club

2020 Program Opportunities 

Chet Hope Youth Ski League (CHYSL)  – Learn more & Register, click HERE!
This inclusive program is for youth ages 4-12 of all abilities.  DREAM will provide trained one-on-one instructors to support the adaptive athlete and help include them in the group lessons.   We will provide adaptive standing and sit-ski equpiment as needed.

Individual Private Lessons for ages 5 to adults @ Whitefish Lake Golf Course.   We offer offer adaptive equipment (standing and sit-ski) and trained instructors to support your individual goals.  Lessons must be scheduled at minimum five days in advance.

  1. CREATE an Account or Update your Existing Account:  Each individual participant must have a unique login and account.
    • Click on the following link to Create an Account
    • Once you’ve created an account, follow the prompts and Log-In.
  2. *DONT MISS THIS STEP!* Update Your Profile:  Once logged-in, go to the navigation drop-down on the right side that asks, What would you like to do? and select “Update My Profile“.
    • Complete ALL information that is labeled for “All Users” or “Participants”.   Missing information may delay your participation.  This information will be securely stored in our system and you’ll only need to review it once a year or update on an as-needed basis.  
  3. SIGN UP for Nordic Winter Lessons by going back to the What would you like to do? navigation on the right and selecting “Participant Registration: Nordic
    • Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible
  4. PAY for your lessons by going back to the What would you like to do? navigation and selecting “Current Events or Programs
    • Then Choose “Nordic Ski Program 2020” and follow steps to pay.
      • We offer a limited number of financial aid scholarships to support those with a need.  Click HERE to learn more.
  5. Liability Waiver and Media Release.  Click HERE to complete the TWO separate online forms.
    • If you think you’ve completed an online Waiver & Media release within the last year, you can go to “Update My Profile” in the navigation drop-down and scroll to the “Waiver Due” field to find the date it’s due.
    • These forms must be completed once per year.
  6. Upload a Headshot:  Go to the What would you like to do? navigation and select “Share Documents
    • Make sure your photo file name includes the participant’s name, otherwise we will not know who the file belongs to.
    • Go to “Upload a New Document” link on the right side of the page.
    • This photo is used for your account as well as your participant info folder, so our instructor knows who to greet on the day of your first lesson.

Financial Aid

We believe that everyone should be able to participate in our programs, no matter their financial situation.  We strive to keep our programs affordable, but recognize that some may need additional support to access our programs.  Our scholarships are based solely on financial need and only complete applications will be considered.

Visit our Scholarship Page to learn more.

Adaptive equipment and instructor training generously funded by the Peter Tracy Family Foundation.