Knowledge is power!

The below resources are presented as a guide to expand your knowledge on disability awareness and to provide sport specific training.

Disability AwarenessPeople First Language

United Spinal AssociationDisability Etiquette



Water Sports Resources

DREAM Adaptive Handbook

Paddle Program Training Manual

Boating Resources
Watercraft Safety Video – Water Sports Industry Association

Responsible Boating – Water Sports Industry Association

Inflatables Safety Video – Water Sports Industry Association

Paddle Board Resources
U.S. Coast Guard Regulations for Stand Up Paddlers

Best Practices for Paddlers – American Canoe Association (ACA)

Three Techniques! – Three Techniques all Paddleboarders Should Know! – Stand Up Paddle TV / ACA

Paddle Strokes to Master – Paddleboard Strokes to Master – Stand Up Paddle TV / ACA

Kayak Resources
Best Practices for Paddlers – American Canoe Association (ACA)

Ultimate Forward Stroke – Ultimate Forward Stroke – Paddle TV / ACA

Tandem kayak – Tips for paddling a tandem kayak – Paddle TV / ACA

Top 3 Paddle Techniques – Top 3 Techniques to Know – PAddle TV / ACA



Winter Alpine Ski / Snowboard Resources

DREAM Adaptive Handbook

Winter Alpine Program Volunteer Training Manual

Concussion Training

Guide for New Instructors –  View/download either the PDF version or sign up for a free online course

Working with Students –  Introduction to Concepts and Models

Adaptive Snowsports Instruction Manual –  Professional Ski Instructors of America / American Association of Snowboard Instructors  (2017 version available in hardcopy, just ask!)

Five Fundamentals of Skiing –  Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing Across Adaptive Disciplines


Snowboard Specific

AASI – Adaptive Snowboard Guide

AASI – Pathways to Superior Snowboard Lessons


Additional Winter Training Resources

Adaptive Encyclopedia (PSIA-RM) – Reference only

“About Autism”  – With Skiing Applications (by Beth Fox, published in 32 Degrees)