Knowledge is power!

The below resources are presented as a guide to expand your knowledge on disability awareness and to provide sport specific training.

Disability AwarenessPeople First Language

United Spinal AssociationDisability Etiquette

First Aid for Seizures – General seizure first aid


Winter Alpine Ski / Snowboard Resources

DREAM Adaptive Handbook

Winter Alpine Program Volunteer Training Manual

Concussion Training

Guide for New Instructors –  View/download either the PDF version or sign up for a free online course

Working with Students –  Introduction to Concepts and Models

Adaptive Snowsports Instruction Manual –  Professional Ski Instructors of America / American Association of Snowboard Instructors  (2017 version available in hardcopy, just ask!)

Five Fundamentals of Skiing –  Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing Across Adaptive Disciplines


Snowboard Specific

AASI – Adaptive Snowboard Guide

AASI – Pathways to Superior Snowboard Lessons


Additional Winter Training Resources

Adaptive Encyclopedia (PSIA-RM) – Reference only

“About Autism”  – With Skiing Applications (by Beth Fox, published in 32 Degrees)

Water Sports Resources

DREAM Adaptive Handbook

Paddle Program Training Manual

Boating Resources
Watercraft Safety Video – Water Sports Industry Association

Responsible Boating – Water Sports Industry Association

Inflatables Safety Video – Water Sports Industry Association

Paddle Board Resources
U.S. Coast Guard Regulations for Stand Up Paddlers

Best Practices for Paddlers – American Canoe Association (ACA)

Three Techniques! – Three Techniques all Paddleboarders Should Know! – Stand Up Paddle TV / ACA

Paddle Strokes to Master – Paddleboard Strokes to Master – Stand Up Paddle TV / ACA

Kayak Resources
Best Practices for Paddlers – American Canoe Association (ACA)

Ultimate Forward Stroke – Ultimate Forward Stroke – Paddle TV / ACA

Tandem kayak – Tips for paddling a tandem kayak – Paddle TV / ACA

Top 3 Paddle Techniques – Top 3 Techniques to Know – PAddle TV / ACA